TCM Remembers 2012

Every year about this time, TCM puts together and regularly broadcasts their tribute to film stars and those who help create and support them through direction, art, special effects, and all of the other things necessary to film production. These tributes are unfailingly well-done. This year’s is no exception.

The decision to shoot the framing scenes at a drive in theatre complete with neon signs and what looked like a mildly Moderne concession stand was inspired, don’t you think? I must say that though I am a still photographer, I would love the opportunity to shoot one of these TCM tributes; what a lovely way to sort of show one’s appreciation for those who  provide us with laughter, tears, and entertainment, and will continue to do so for decades to come. Though today’s Hollywood has but a handful of true stars that might near the caliber of those from the Golden Age, and a majority of the movies so regularly released deserve their three-weeks-and-they’re-on-DVD status, the work of those we see regularly on TCM will, I think, endure. And every year, TCM performs due justice in remembering those who made it happen.


One thought on “TCM Remembers 2012

  1. That brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful tribute, and yes so creative. I loved it Jen, thanks for posting. I still can’t believe Michael Clarke Duncan has passed away, he was the sweetest man. I remember seeing him on Jay Leno. What a loss. Bravo to TCM, they’ve made a great tribute.

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