Monday Escape: Christmas Shop Windows

I thought today would be a good day to take a look back at some of the fun shop windows I couldn’t help but photograph. Christmas seems to bring out the best (and the most whimsy) in window merchandisers, and I suppose since the invention of shop windows, they’ve always added to the sparkle of the season! Most of these are from Sewickley, Pennsylvania, one of the prettiest, most charming towns you’ll find in Pennsylvania. Located just outside of Pittsburgh, the little town is full of talented shopkeepers doing a fine job of decking the windows for Christmas.

Three Trees

Sewickley, PA

Shop Window in Sewickley

Shop window in Sewickley, PA

Christmas Cheer

Sewickley, PA

Macy's Christmas Windows: Swingin' Snowman

Macy’s, Downtown Pittsburgh, PA

Have Camel, Will Travel

“Have Camel, Will Travel”
Travel shop window in Sewickley, PA

Macy's Christmas Windows, Downtown

Macy’s, downtown Pittsburgh, PA

Macy's Christmas Windows: Christmas

Macy’s, Downtown Pittsburgh, PA


One thought on “Monday Escape: Christmas Shop Windows

  1. I always thought that would be a super fun and creative job, window display. My favourite was downtown PA Macy. I love the traditional Snowman with the sparkly decor. I think I’m down shopping, just need to spend time wrapping.

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