Heads-up: Art in Embassies

I saw a bit about this on the news the other night, and wished to share it with you. The US Department of State has announced the twelve “Best In Show” photographs form its “Serving Abroad…Through Their Eyes” photography competition & exhibition. From over 3200 photos submitted by our servicemen and women serving overseas, 161 finalists were selected. The twelve “Best In Show” (I can’t imagine choosing from such images, I must say) were on display and will become part of the permanent collection in the United States’ Embassy in Afghanistan.

I’m hesitant to lift any of my favourites—difficult to choose—to share with you here (having been irritated by others doing so with my own photography without asking), but please head over to look at the top twelve images selected by the jury. I have to say, too, that I’d love to see more of these photographs from our men and women in uniform; perhaps at some point they’ll all be online for us to see.

One thought on “Heads-up: Art in Embassies

  1. What a nice thing. Thanks for posting Jen. I really feel for the children in harms way. The scars will never heal. It will shape their lives to perpetuate the same negative ideals as the generation trying to raise them in the caos. Hope everyone comes home soon.

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