Do you read what I read?

Shared Reader That is doubtful, but if you are interested in the sort of crazy things I read online, I may be one of the last people with a functioning Google Shared Reader. Last year’s awful  changes to Google Reader led me to flee to another RSS reader, mainly because it allowed me to still share blog posts I liked onto said Shared Reader. Unsurprisingly, I’m now roughly four updates behind on Gruml, precisely because they, too, have done away with the ability to share—but that’s okay, because I can still share!

Obviously I read (and share from) some photography, art, and Americana travel-themed blogs, but I also read quite a few blogs about food—gluten-free and real food—as well as those about history, sewing and all manner of crafting, culture, marriage, kitschy fun vintage stuff, classic cars—everything I follow via my Google Reader I can share. It is, if I say so myself, a true virtual smorgasbord. So, if you feel the need to have more stuff to read, head on over and take a look—I believe you can follow my Shared Reader via RSS too, actually. See you there!

Have a great weekend—I’m working on a post about another road trip I discovered while reading today, and it should be up sometime next week!

One thought on “Do you read what I read?

  1. Learning something new here, thanks Jen. I can barely keep up with all the Blogs I follow on WordPress. But I’d love to snoop (briefly looked at an aqua stuff). I try not to just click the Like button and prefer to tell the writer what I actually liked so it takes awhile…but so fun. Hope you have a good weekend too. I’m going to beg my hubby to go to Anna Karenina, it look beautiful.

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