Monday Escape: Vintage Packards on 66

Today’s escape? My first love in photography—what got me started, really: some classic cars! In this case, we’ve a few handsome old Packards to ogle. 😉

Vintage Packard automobiles at Afton Station on Route 66 in Oklahoma. Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

“Afton Annex”
I had some fun with the processing on this photo. These vintage Packards have such gorgeous, sweeping curves and noble grilles; the colour was almost a distraction from that, and this seemed like the best way to highlight the Deco-inspired beauty.

 How was your Thanksgiving?  I hope you had a great time—though it was bittersweet for me, and I missed my own family, my husband’s cousins were really calm and soothing company at dinner; they kept the conversation fun and light (and I also learned I’m not the only married lady who sometimes wistfully considers her pre-marriage apartment—whew!). My parents visited for the weekend; Hubby and Dad put together a beautiful, simple fireplace surround. All that is left to do is trim it out and paint it, then I’ll share a picture! Right now, it’s a bizarre amalgam of autumn and Christmas, with a pumpkin and colourful gourds sitting before the fireplace and a few snowmen and a Santa nestled amongst the artwork on the mantle.

Today is, of course, Cyber Monday. I will confess to not having a sale for it this year, however, if you know someone who would love some limited-edition photography featuring classic cars like the bevy of beauties above, Route 66, neon signs, or my own take on Americana (not country kitsch), do consider popping over to my shop, Liberty Images. I do excel at customer service and love making customers happy—and if you leave a comment on an item in the shop itself—there’s a “leave a comment” box on the right-hand side for each item—maybe a discount will pop up after all! 😉 And as always, if you see a photo here you love that isn’t in the shop, just send me an email (Jen at LibertyImagesPhotographydotcom) and I’ll get it all put together for you.

Have a great Monday!


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