Bring Roadtrippers with you via their app!

Salt, tin plates, a candle, and other cooking accoutrements rest on the wooden mantle of the kitchen at Blennerhassett Island, West Virginia, USA. Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved

Frommer’s and Fodor’s might not send you to Blennerhassett Island in West Virginia, but the folks will!

Back in August, I pointed you to The site allows you to plan trips so as to get the most kitsch, Americana, and general fun for the miles; just set up your trip, then pick and choose from various options ranging from roadside folk art & tourist attractions to  great architecture and monuments along your route while scoping hotels and restaurants on the way—all for free! You can create a bucket list for those “someday” trips, get hints from their various guides (for instance, one guide focuses on diners, while another takes a look at geeky science stuff the Big Bang Theory fellas would love), gauge your travel time and fuel use, and just plain explore their map of the US and all the treasures it offers. You can even specifically seek out abandoned places (talk about right up my alley!). It’s well put-together, attractive, and slightly addictive.

Well, it has gotten better. The fine folks at Roadtrippers have released an iPhone app, so you can take your maps and bucket list with you! According to a press release on Yahoo! Finance,

Travelers who love the simple, elegant trip planning and sharing on the website, can now sync their trips to iPhone for instant turn-by-turn navigation. Never again will road travelers miss a must-see attraction or a delicious diner while on the road.

After being live for only a few short months, has already helped travelers plan more than 100,000 trips. Now the team is proud to announce the launch of the Roadtrippers companion iPhone app.

Create a trip. Sync to iPhone. Hit the road.

…”As soon as a trip is saved on the website it syncs to the app for immediate turn-by-turn navigation and viewing your waypoints,” says Tatiana Parent, Co-Founder of Roadtrippers. “This means no more printing off directions, no more hassle and no more kicking yourself for missing all the cool stuff that could be hidden off any highway exit.”

The app’s launch comes just in time for millions of families expecting to make cross-country trips this Thanksgiving.

“This year more than 58 percent of holiday travel will be on the road,” said Parent. “So the timing couldn’t be better. This year why not take a scenic route, or stop to support an independent restaurant on the way? We can help with that!”

I’m an Android girl, as 52% of US phone users are, compared to just a tick over 30% for iPhone; sadly, the Droid app won’t be out ’til sometime after the first of 2013, but I am positive it’ll be worth the wait. iPhone users, learn more about the app here. Obviously, I’m on the road a lot shooting, and make even “mundane” trips an opportunity for photography; this sort of app is just the thing I love to see. Now, just hurry up with that Droid app, Roadtrippers! 😉


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