Monday Escape: Autumn Rest

Happy Monday! Thought I’d dig another out of the archives for you this week—this, a peaceful autumn scene from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can tell it’s old because I didn’t have Photoshop in those days, and thus no way to straighten this one out (something I ought to do now that I’ve the capability, really). Hope it doesn’t make you woozy at all!

Circle of chairs resting atop a carpet of orange leaves beneath the autumn trees at the Frick in Pittsburgh

I titled this one ‘Circle of Friends’ for obvious reasons—and really, who among us would not want to gather with our loved ones, resting in the weathered Adirondack chairs with mugs of hot cider beneath the umbrella of yellow-and-green leaves? The carpet of orange leaves on which the chairs rest is, really, what I think makes this photo pop.

The Frick is another terrific place to visit, particularly if you enjoy touring old mansions. Having toured many, many older homes myself, I’ve gotten a ‘feel’ for them—it seems to me that most of these homes have a personality of sorts, crazy as it sounds. Clayton, home of controversial industrialist, art lover, and philantrhopist Henry Clay Frick, is one of the happiest homes I’ve ever been in. Despite its grand trimmings and impressive art (including works by Monet, for instance), Clayton is not at all intimidating or stuffy, instead seeming to welcome visitors with a grandmother’s warmth. Despite some of the trials the Fricks dealt with while living at Clayton, one tours the home with the impression that many, many happy hours were spent here, that this was a family preferring to look to the bright side of things instead of dwelling on their losses, which included the death of an infant.

It’s a beautiful place, and as you can see, the grounds are lovely as well—visitors may also tour the greenhouse, children’s playhouse (now the visitor’s center and gift shop—there’s a bowling alley on the first floor in what is now the gift shop) a fine collection of cars, and the on-site art museum, which offers new exhibitions on a regular basis. When we lived

Autumn Stars
The Frick Center gardens, Pittsburgh PA, USA

in and later near Pittsburgh, the Frick was one of our favourite places to visit—not terribly far away, and quite peaceful and pretty. So if you’re visiting the Steel City—or perhaps if your friends want to see a football game you may not be as keen on—the Frick is absolutely a place worth visiting!


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