People are the best part of road trips.

This truth is evidenced by Bruce Gamble’s tale of potentially very bad car trouble and Good Samaritans (in this case, of the Californian variety) during his road trip following Jack Kerouac’s journey as Gamble promotes his latest (wonderful—the publisher sent me a copy, completely unsolicited, and I’ve been enjoying it!) book:

Certainly the Mustang has had some delays caused by mechanical issues—a loose brake caliper in Denver that could have been calamitous, and a separated ignition switch that might have broken a day earlier while I was in the middle of the Nevada desert—but thanks to the help of Good Samaritans, the worst scenarios were averted.

It’s all part of the adventure of taking a 45-year-old car on a cross-country odyssey.

Go read the whole post. If you don’t get the warm fuzzies afterwards, I’m worried about you. Folks invariably ask about my favourite part of Route 66 or the Lincoln Highway or Virginia or whatever latest photo shoot I’ve done—and invariably, it’s the people I meet. America is filled with fantastic, fun, clever, friendly people, and if you don’t chat them up while you’re on the road, you’re missing out on great riches.





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