Monday Escape

I went way back into the archives from this one. Back in 2008, I stumbled across the Palace of Gold, a Hare Krishna palace in West Virginia. This fellow is one of the guardians.

Palace of Gold, West Virginia, USA

And when I say ‘palace’, I do mean ‘palace’:

Palace of Gold, West Virginia

We always meant to head back when we lived in WV, but sadly, never did so. A return trip remains on my list! The Palace has a truly spectacular rose collection that rosarians and garden lovers are rightly enamoured with; as a rose lover myself, I was agog at sheer volume of rose varieties.

The Palace of Gold is about 30 minutes away from Wheeling; if you’re in the area, I highly recommend stopping by (particularly during spring, summer, and fall). We didn’t take the guided tour of the temple, instead spending our time wandering about the grounds and of course the rose garden (where my camera lens motor just up and died on me—argh!).

If you’d like, take a peek at the rest of the photos I took at the Palace of Gold that autumn day in this short slideshow. Several of the photos are available in my shop, but if you see one you like that isn’t there, just send a note. Have a great Monday!


3 thoughts on “Monday Escape

  1. Wow, I would never expect a palace like that in America. Very pretty. The slideshow was stunning, thank’s for linking it. I really fancied the roses on a string, that’d smell great…might have some bumble bee’s chasing you though..hehe.

    • There was actually an enormous hornet I ran into at one point—he simply was NOT letting me down that path! It was wild. He just hovered in place and if I moved to the right, he followed; to the left, he followed. He didn’t sting me, but also did NOT want me going that way. Weird.

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