Monday Escape

Starting this new week—and month—off with a chuckle seemed the best route to me. 😉

This red and white outhouse has charm—music note cutouts in the door and window shutters, whitewall tires for hauling. Just behind it, a lamppost topped off by a vintage fluted lamp promises safe walking on even the darkest of nights. ;)

If you must have an outhouse…make it a CUTE outhouse. Missouri, USA, not far from Route 66.

And a bonus look at the outhouse’s shutters, which matched the doors.

Red shutters with eighth-notes cut into them. On an outhouse. Only near 66, my friends.

My best wishes for a great day…even if it is a Monday!


2 thoughts on “Monday Escape

  1. Really cute Jen. We had an out house for years at the lake, it was handy for people to run to if you had been out swimming. No drippy bodies running threw the house. I wonder why this one’s on wheels?

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