Pat Sajak or Alex Trebek?

I was doing some canning tonight (whipping up this smash-bang-fantastic-delicious chutney sent to me by American Country Girl), and while doing so, the station flipped over to Jeopardy! Having my hands rather full with chutney, I just let it go as I finished. Now, you would not believe the number of truly insane things that pop into my head while I’m cooking, and tonight was no different, because I somehow began to wonder: If forced to make a choice, would I choose to go out to dinner or to a hockey game *futilely shakes fist at Gary Bettman* with Pat Sajak or Alex Trebek?

Well, I’ll reveal my choice after the break, but first: YOU must choose as well.

For me, it is actually quite easy: Pat Sajak, all the way! Yes, Mr. Trebek is—or appears to be—very intelligent, and I adore intelligent men—the possibilities for conversation are marvellous. I’ve dated some incredibly intelligent men; one had two Ivy League degrees.

And do you know what?

He was an arrogant, self-serving jerk.

We didn’t last very long. Oh, the tales I could tell. So many, out of just a few weeks!

Alex Trebek, I have to say, seems like a look-down-his-nose-at-you sort. Not appealing to me, though I suppose some folks like feeling like the gum on the bottom of someone’s shoe. Even some of his mannerisms are the same as the Ivy League nasties I made the mistake of dating. It’s creepy and doesn’t bode well for him in my estimation. Intelligence is a fine, fine thing, but it should never be wielded over others as if the brainer person is somehow a better and more useful form of human being. Whatever happened to kindness?

Pat Sajak, on the other hand, seems like a plain old nice guy. He has a sense of humour and seems like the sort of fella you could sit on the porch shooting the breeze with in a wide-ranging and smart conversation about all sorts of things—and he’d never look at you like you were some sort of idiot who can barely tie their own shoes, much less remember who penned Reflections on the Revolution in France. Also, I highly doubt he’d be bored at a hockey game or any other sporting event, and he’d hardly give you a disdainful, sidelong glance for having the audacity to enjoy a sport.

So my vote goes whole-heartedly to Pat (who, IMHO, has better hair).

Did you vote? Explain away below!


5 thoughts on “Pat Sajak or Alex Trebek?

  1. oh o Jenn, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t watch either show but voted for Mr Trebek because he’s canadian. I am familiar with both guys though. I’ve never noticed any snootiness from Alex but I will say Pat seems like a nice guy too. I’d let either one buy me a soda….but alas my dating days are far, far behind me (thank goodness).

    • LOL! I should have expected that answer from you! 😉 I don’t watch like I did when I was younger, but it’s just a feeling I guess.

      And YES, thank God dating days are behind us! It seems so wild and wooly out there nowadays. *shudder*

  2. Pat Sajak used to live up the street from us when he was a broadcaster in Nashville back in the late 70’s. My mom said he grew tomatoes out in front of his house.

  3. Hey Jenn: I voted for Alex! I agree about the whole ‘snobbery’ thing but I’ve heard both of them interviewed at one point or another and frankly, I thought Pat Sajak was a little more impressed with himself. That’s the great thing about having friends….you get to share different points of view. Thanks for thinking up your ‘utterly ridiculous’ poll, or whatever you called it. I’m thinking I may just have to make that chutney…

    • Really! Well, I’ve never seen either man interviewed. Sajak seems jovial on the show, which I suppose is part of my reason for preferring him. Putting up with people’s cockiness is not my strong point, though. Interesting!

      And this is hardly a ‘disagreement’. The poll is so silly I can barely believe I posted it…! 😉

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