September 11

 Ten Years

Let us never forget.

Let us never forget the horror, the stunned feeling, the tears each of us wept for the lost and bereaved.

But also, let us never forget the heroes. Let us never forget the men who raced upward toward what must have seemed the very gates of hell. Let us never forget those who stormed the cockpit of Flight 93 over Pennsylvania. Some were murdered this day; others counted their lives as nothing, gallantly tossing their own aside as they charged up the stairs, into the fires. They did so that others might live—that others might escape the Towers, that an unknown target might not suffer as did New York and the Pentagon.

Thanks to the fire of such as these, the greatest of men, we will always find reason to hope.

May God bless those heroes and their families, and may God bless America.


One thought on “September 11

  1. Unimaginable, the depths of dispair for those who had no chance to escape. The lives unfullfilled and the families left behind are only tempered by the actions of so many brave responders who without concern for their own safety ran towards certain doom. Caring thoughts today, Boomdee.

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