Route 66 Treasure Hunt this weekend

Detail of the silver badging on a rusting 1940 Packard 110 found along Route 66 in Missouri.

1940 Packard 110 found in Rolla, Missouri, along Route 66

If you’re in or near Missouri, you may want to head on over to the Mother Road this weekend, where the Route 66 Treasure Hunt runs from August 30-September 1, from Eureka to Rolla!

(Of course, I believe ALL of 66 is a treasure hunt, just…of a different sort.)

The treasure hunt was the brainchild of the St. Clair Area Chamber of Commerce and its executive director at the time, Terry Triphahn, in 2004. The idea behind it is to promote the historic Route 66 and the regional cities that dot the map by serving as hosts to a giant rummage sale. The distance between Eureka and Rolla is about 70 miles.

Great 66 towns like Cuba and Eureka will have sidewalks full of goodies for shoppers. I’m half-tempted to pack up the car with my photography and head on down! If you make it, do let me know…and may you have as much luck at the 66 Treasure Hunt as I did at the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way. 😉 Get your map for the 66 Hunt here.

And if you DO buy a Packard…you simply must let me know.


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