Buy-Way Sneak Peek!

There was no exciting shower of sparks, but Tuesday night, the power supply for my computer and the power port…well, they were melted. Off went my little coworker to the computer hospital for a few days, and just as I was about to share with you my Lincoln Highway Buy-Way scores! I will have it up next week, but here’s a little sneak peek. I only paid a DOLLAR for what many of you will likely recognize as one of those coveted 1950s beauties…


5 thoughts on “Buy-Way Sneak Peek!

  1. Whew! Glad you’re safe and that all of your images/files are OK!

    I had a sweater like that I bought at a thrift back in the 80s, and am kicking myself that during a period of crisis I actually got rid of it! Ah, hoping someone else got to enjoy it like I did. Can’t wait to see your thrift scores!

    • Thanks, I’m glad too—and SO glad it didn’t turn into two weeks without my computer the way it did four days after we returned from my Route 66 shoot last spring. Talk about cooling your heels! I was going nuts. This time I just had more outside time. 😉

      Betty, HOW could you get rid of one of these? Boy, it must have been one heckuva crisis…What gets me about this one is that it is *lined*. I almost did the Charleston all the way back to the car. 😉

    • Isn’t it?

      Don’t get down—I used to say that too. And if it makes you feel better, I spent three weekends hitting garage, yard, and estate sales this spring—three whole weekends!—and came home with just a piddly little ashtray to use as a spoon rest (no, really, it’s a really nifty one harking back to my home state, and it was clean, so a very good scrubbing later…). I gave up after that, but the Buy-Way is something we always enjoy hitting.

      Besides, didn’t you find that gorgeous vintage stand mixer for next to nothing? I’d probably knock grannies over for that. 😉

      • hehe, knock grannies over, you kill me. But yep, you got me there, I did get that lovely Sunbeam for a song, good one Jen. Thanks for keeping me on my toes….I guess I went a little crazy when you said $1.00….They should be happy it went to a good home…ENJOY. Can’t wait to see your other goodies.

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