TCM Remembers: Griffith, Borgnine, and Holm

I suppose it might seem odd that a photographer is keeping her readers updated on goings-on in the world of classic Hollywood. Then again, if you take a look at my work, all of the classic cars, neon signs and theatre marquees, and general photos of Americana and fun American kitsch, it’s easy to see that I have a deep affection for all things older than I am. Indeed, it’s probably likely that I was born many years too late. Included in this affinity for older things is an equally deep affection for movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age, and, of course, that era’s actors as a result.

Therefore, I like to share that predilection with you, dear reader!

As you know, we have lost two fine actors and one superb actress from the Golden age since the beginning of the month: Andy Griffith, Ernest Borgnine, and Celeste Holm. TCM never fails to pay tribute to such talent when they are lost, and this month is no exception. I thought I’d let you know when these tributes aired, so you could watch and/or set your DVR.

TCM will pay tribute to Andy Griffith this Wednesday, July 18, in prime time—beginning with what is likely the man’s best film, Elia Kazan’s A Face In The Crowd. A more remarkable and blood-boiling performance on film than Griffith’s as “Lonesome” Rhodes will prove very difficult to find. No Time For Sergeants is one I’ve not yet seen, but am certainly looking forward to! Several channels, notably TV Land, have been running “Andy Griffith Show” episodes (much to my delight, they’ll be doing so every Saturday & Sunday through the end of this month), but his films deserve viewing as well. Click the link to see the rest of the lineup.

A bit more than a week later, on Thursday, July 26, TCM airs their tribute to Ernest Borgnine all day long—from 6AM ’till 5AM the following morning! Borgnine did far more films than TV mainstay Griffith did, and TCM has certainly picked up the cream of the crop for us, including Marty at 9PM Thursday night followed by From Here To Eternity at 10:45 and The Wild Bunch at 1AM. (In other words, just set the DVR.) I’ve not seen The Catered Affair (6AM), but as Borgnine stars with Bette Davis, Debbie Reynolds, and Barry Fitzgerald, it should be quite the riot indeed! I’ve seen Torpedo Run and Ice Station Zebra thanks to Dad and both grandfathers, but it’s been a while for both films—though if I recall, Ice Station Zebra is a pretty good movie—a bit of a thriller, really, and with a great cast, too.

Unfortunately, TCM will be unable to have a day or evening scheduled (at this point) to dedicate to Celeste Holm; apparently, they have too few of her films licensed to do so, which is a real shame. They do have a lovely remembrance of the actress on their site, and I’m sure they’ll be airing a short video tribute to her amongst the films being screened on the network daily.

I hope you find this helpful if you, two, are a classic film fan and wish to enjoy the TCM tributes to these now-lost stars.



4 thoughts on “TCM Remembers: Griffith, Borgnine, and Holm

  1. In reading your link to the writeup about Celeste Holm, I “discovered” (remembered) that she played Brendan Fraser’s grandmother in one of my favorite films: “Still Breathing” — I loved how his character was so eccentric, and yet his grandmother was so encouraging and loving in spite of his oddness. It’s a more modern film, of course, but truly delightful. One of my favorite lines is when he refers to a a/c window unit as a “personal serenity device”. Even though we have central air in our home, we have a “personal serenity device” in our bedroom. I love the sound of the a/c kicking on and off throughout the night, and the crisp coldness of the sheets in our hot and humid Texas summers. 🙂

    • I’ve not seen that film and will try to remember to check it out.

      So far as “personal serenity devices”…I guess I am REALLY old-fashioned. I love the sounds of the crickets and frogs and other singing night creatures, and it’s so hard to sleep without that music that if I can’t hear it through the window (which I will often leave cracked open even if the AC is on), I have an app on my phone so I can fake it! LOL

      Do you sprinkle baby powder on the sheets before bed? For some reason that seems to make them cooler, too. Plus they’ll smell pretty, of course, especially with some of the lavender-scented ones. Yum!

  2. The baby powder idea is a good one! I will have to try that sometime, if my guy doesn’t object. 😉

    I can see why you would like the background music of crickets and the like. Sadly, the incessant buzzing of blood-sucking mosquitoes seems to drown out anything so pleasant in our area during the summertime. When it gets cooler, we do like to open the windows to air out the house and enjoy the fresh breeze. That won’t happen until at least November, though. It’s just too hot and humid. We had a really nice few days where it was hot, but the humidity was very low. I think I could enjoy living somewhere that’s DRY HOT, but swimming through the sticky humidity? UGH.

    You will laugh when I tell you I have sweet memories of air conditioner window units from my childhood! Before central air became the norm, I remember a window unit in the small two bedroom house my parents rented before buying a house when I was in first grade. My dad has always had sensitive teeth, and he would sometimes hold his dinner plate in front of the unit to cool it slightly before sitting down for dinner! And my mother’s parents had gas space heaters and window units (a floor model heater in the front room and a wall heater in the bath, a window unit in the front room and one in their bedroom). I loved lying on Nanny and PaPa’s bed next to the a/c in their room – the cool air would make the white eyelet curtains flutter slightly. In the winter, Nanny would be so concerned about me because the floor would be COLD, but I never wore house slippers, running around barefoot and then standing in front of the space heater to toast my little backside quite nicely. LOL She would always go rummaging around in her closet for a pair of slippers and then make me wear them until the floor warmed up a bit. There was probably a good three inch excess at the back of that slide-on slipper when my foot was pushed all the way to the front. 😉

    • You can trust me on the baby powder, it’s great. My great-grandmother used to do that, if I recall.

      I know everything in Texas is BIG, but didn’t realize the mosquitoes were that large. 😉 Have you considered investing in a bat house or two?

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