Celeste Holm, 1917-2012

My goodness, what a terribly difficult month for fans of the Golden Age.

Celeste Holm reads a script in her apartment. Photo courtesy Associated Press.

Though I don’t believe Holm ever attained the stature with fans the way her costars—such as the venerable Bette Davis—did, Holm was undeniably a superb and solid actress, believable in every role. Holm is, of course, best remembered for her terrific performances in Gentleman’s Agreement and the incredible All About Eve—this sweet, bright-eyed beauty held her own against the great Bette as I suspect few could have done, and her work in that film was all the more amazing because of her apparent good nature.  

Of course, Holm also featured in terrific fare such as High Society, The Snake Pit, The Tender Trap, and Come To The Stable as well as more contemporary movies such as Three Men And A Baby, along with many others. Nominated for an Academy Award for both Come To The Stable and All About Eve, Holm earned an Oscar for her work in Gentleman’s Agreement. Clearly this actress, who’d had her start on Broadway in Oklahoma!, was not one to be taken lightly, despite her sweet face, sparkling eyes, and deeply charitable and generous nature.

This Big Apple native was 95 when she passed away at hear home early this morning, her delightful and nearly beatific smile to be shared with we mortals no more. May she rest in peace.

(The article I’ve linked really is a wonderful one about the lady, and I hope you enjoy reading it.)


2 thoughts on “Celeste Holm, 1917-2012

  1. It’s sad that her family decided to waste all her money with the lawyers, I hear of that happening all the time, what a waste and what a shame. I loved her comment, ‘Hollywood is a good place to learn to eat lettuce without smudging your lipstick’, just the right amount of wit and sacasm.

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