All Ye Baffled By This Week Of Two Mondays…

Say “aye”! Even Ben looks a little puzzled and worn out by this.

Anything For A Fry

Independence Day is my favourite holiday, but having it on a Wednesday sure threw a wrench into my productivity. Anyone else? Even when sitting at my desk, spiffing up a few photos, I just couldn’t concentrate today!

I do like the idea my pal Chris at Tiki Lounge Talk has, though. As he pointed out, it’s easier to look at this as a week with two Fridays. 😉

That said, if you, too, got not as much as you’d hoped accomplished today…feel free to talk about it below!


3 thoughts on “All Ye Baffled By This Week Of Two Mondays…

    • Well, that’s one way to do it! It’s definitely odd having a holiday bookended by two work days. Most folks I know are in an absolute mental kerfluffle.

  1. It is tricky having holidays midweek. My husbands been off work for two weeks, we opted for a stay-cation because theres so much to do in the summer right out our front door, but I will say, I never know what day it is. My schedule is entirely out of wack.

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