What it’s all about

Holsum Bread door bar on old general store; Route 66, Missouri

Fresh & Holsum
Route 66, Missouri

Earlier today, I stumbled across this blog post at Photofocus. It’s 100% good, but it’s point #7 that got my attention—because it’s so very true (I’ve added some emphasis).

Understand that serious photography is about protecting memories, telling stories, keeping moments in time that have passed alive for the future and sharing all of the above. If you can think about that every time you press the shutter, you’ll make fewer mistakes and become a great photographer.

No matter what it is you shoot, that’s what it is all about. The memories photographs can trigger are incredible—point out even one of my classic car or garden photos, and I can probably tell you quite a bit about when and where I took that photo. Moreover, I photograph things that, in many cases, may not be around next year—to say nothing of being around for the next generation. Photography is a form of preservation we can all take part in, whether we’re photographing once-grand buildings and small towns or (more importantly) photographing our child’s first amazed encounter with a butterfly or puppy.

While planning your photos is important, it’s just as important to remember why we shoot: we photograph things so that they might be remembered and shared.


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