Happy Father’s Day!


It is my expectation that most of you spent today honouring your father and grandfather today with barbeques, trips to the beach or baseball game, and so forth. My family is in Michigan, of course, and Hubby’s down in ‘Bama, but we sent our cards and made phone calls today.

Sometimes I think Dads really don’t get enough credit—particularly when we take a look at how they are portrayed as bumbling fools in the majority of today’s entertainment and advertising. Personally, I find this extraordinarily offensive; we refuse to patronize companies or watch programs that treat men this way.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful dad. He has always worked hard to provide for his family, take care of the house, and he has certainly put up with a lot of feminine silliness and snappishness (there’s a reason, I think, all of our pets save one cockatiel were males—it was Dad versus three females!). In fact, Dad gave up his career of choice—law enforcement—so he could marry Mom, who didn’t want to risk her children not having a father.

Men are, in the Bible, exhorted and expected to follow the example set forth by God the Father, and I think mine has done a very good job of this over the years of my life. He has exemplified self-sacrifice and putting others first, often at the expense of things he’d rather do or have. When something was needed for the house, he was more likely than not to build it himself—indeed, several of the things still in my home were built by Dad! He has stayed faithful to Mom over the years—even two summers ago when she had a horrible undiagnosed illness that was eventually discovered to be cancer. I think that these days, most men would simply leave their sick wives. But Dad did not.

The fine and godly characteristics exhibited by Dad have done very well by my sister and me even now, as we both married good, faithful, hard-working men…men not afraid to stand up to their darling wives when we need to be reined in. So, you see, even years after I moved out from under my parents’ roof—I had my first apartment by the time I was 23—Dad exerts his influence as a good and honourable man.

He’s a lot of fun on the dance floor, too. 😉

Happy Father’s Day!


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