Memorial Day 2012: Let us keep faith with our hallowed dead.

Memorial Day

Grave of Private Charles Lazell, May 8, 1893-October 4, 1918. Killed in the Battle of the Argonne, France. The Dublin Cemetery, Dublin, Ohio, USA

I hope you are enjoying the long Memorial Day weekend—but I also hope you take the time to remember and be thankful for those soldiers who have given their lives so that we might be free. Because that is what they died for.

Our men and women in uniform are willing to die—to give up all their holidays, their families, their work, their promise, their everything—for the sake of freedom. For such brave souls we should be eternally and humbly grateful. We need to live in such a way that we honour their sacrifice: with hard work, self-reliance, kindness toward others, and a willingness to give our lives, too, for one of the most precious of gifts: freedom.

Let us honour the sacrifice of those who, as Lincoln said, gave the last full measure of devotion with our own lives and deeds.

“I consider it no sacrifice to die for my country. In my mind we came here to thank God that men like these have lived rather than to regret that they have died.”

George S. Patton

Palermo, Italy Allied Cemetery, November 11, 1943


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