I’d call that a good weekend!

First, I learn that this photo I took of Ben during our little West Virginia interlude made Flickr’s Explore:

BenedictCongrats, puppy. 😉 (He is a handsome fellow, but I have to be honest with you: at this moment, all 85 pounds of Ben are quivering beside me, as we’re expecting some thunderstorms tonight, and not only does Ben hate thunderstorms, he’s our own furry thunderstorm warning system!)

Then, after spending all day yesterday working on the veggie garden, I opened my email to find this!

Yup, that’s one of my classic car photos featured in Artfire’s Daily email—a 56/57 Ford Thunderbird in turquoise, to be exact. And to be featured with so many other beautiful items, too! Of course, turquoise is one of my favourite colours, as I was telling one of my best friends. Thanks, Shangri-La Craft!

If you’re unfamiliar with the ArtFire Collection of the Day, all you need to do is sign up, and once a day, you’ll receive a collection of goods from talented independent artists will show up in your inbox every day—and give you a chance to win $100 to spend to boot!

I’d love to show you photos of my fledgling garden, but at the moment (and as is to be expected for this time of year in Ohio), it’s just seedlings and seeds. Soon, though, I expect to have a wonderful bounty! Soon enough I should actually have something to shoot and show off. 😉 I will say, though, that I had a wonderful visit to Strader’s, where I happily snapped up several varieties of mint—pineapple mint, chocolate mint, and banana mint. Two different thymes and two different varieties of lavender came home with me, too—you can imagine how wonderful the car smelled! The mint I’ve potted—it can be very invasive—and the lavender I think I’ll split up; one by our mailbox, and the other, I think I’ll put right below a window so that marvellous scent can permeate the house.

Of course, all that planting means I have a bit of dirt lodged beneath my fingernails yet. 😉 Did you get anything fun done over the weekend?

Have a wonderful day!


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