Holidays I’ve never heard of

…But leave it to my pal, the supremely fantastic Eartha Kitsch, to tell us about some of them. She’s got a list of April holidays you may not be aware of—but may be able to get the boss to give  you a day (or perhaps a few hours) to celebrate. Tomorrow is Big Wind Day, so grab your kite!

And yes, I’m still recovering from what I am now referring to as the Painting Marathon of 2012. Four gallons of paint, one 15′ extendable roller handle, and at least three needed trips to the chiropractor later (not that I’ve had those yet, so if I look like a pretzel…), it’s done. And all I can think about is, “Now I need to paint the guestroom!” Maybe I’ll do that on “Reach As High As You Can” day (not making it up), because taping off the ceiling definitely put a strain on my relationship with my neck.

Have a wonderful day. 😉



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