Fresh and fun garden kitsch

I miss our fledgeling cottage garden a great deal. We built it from scratch, as our last home had nothing but grass going all the way up to the front of the home when we bought the place. We tore up the grass, added manure and topsoil, and then surrounded our West Virginia home with roses, potentilla, nigella, clematis (three kinds—I love clematis!), dianthus, trumpet vine, lilies, iberis, bellflowers, forget-me-nots, zinnia, raspberries, lily-of-the-valley, hollyhocks, two apple trees, you name it—to say nothing of about a hundred or so spring bulbs—it was finally filling in nicely when we moved. We’d built three nice raised beds, too, for all of my veggies, and I’d fill in the spaces between food-producers with nasturtium, marigolds, and herbs.

This year, I’ve very little idea what to expect in the garden at the new house (at least the bones are here and it has plants, though I am likely to tear a lot of them out). I’m planning away, because gardening is, happily, what takes up a great deal of my time in the summer, be it veggies or pretty things (and sometimes, those coincide!). Still, everyone should have something sure to induce a smile when they peek out the window into the yard, and since my birthday was this weekend, I picked up a gift for myself while at Outside Envy, one of my favourite Westerville shops, earlier this week:

My new garden art. ;)

Cute, isn’t he? I’ve always had a soft spot for garden flamingos, and this one was just too fun to resist. Also, we’re turning our fabulous deck into a tiki bar. A yard flamingo here and there seems like a perfect fit to me! So, here he is.

Though he looks a little lonely.

Perhaps I’ll have to add to the flock…


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