Do you plan your photos?

Though photography is my job, nearly everyone has a camera and loves taking pictures. As such, I wanted to share this article on with you: Great shots take great planning. I’ve learned this myself, and it never fails to pay off, even for shoots far from home; with the internet, it’s so easy to scope things out ahead of time, thanks to the work of fellow photographers. Note I’m not saying copy their shots—what’s the fun in that?—but you have an opportunity to get a decent feel for the place and think about possibilities before even hitting the road.

Since You've LeftSince You’ve Left

Especially if you’re shooting your children (with the camera, that is…!), which is something often done at home or at least locally in familiar places, you really have a great opportunity to plan what it is that frames and adds flavour to your shots—maybe including a tree you planted with the family, or looking up at your child or pet (because for some of us, the only kids we have are fur-bearing…) through or around the garden plants and blooms as they help you garden. At the risk of going Buck Laughlin on you, that’s just ideas off the top of my head after a long day. Just hope I’m explaining it well! Of course, you can do the same on vacation. It never hurts to try something new—and if it makes you feel better, take your standard shot, then try this technique. Let the surroundings help you tell the story; think about what will really emphasize where and when you are.

You don’t need an expensive camera or collection of lenses to do this, either. You could end up with some wonderfully creative and beautiful photographs you and your family will treasure forever, all for a little legwork—which costs absolutely nothing but time and consideration! Gotta love that!

After reading the article, definitely check out some of author Jason Lindsey’s work. Beautiful photography, and you’ll see he does as suggested in his article a great deal.


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