Still more tornadoes!

I am sure that all of you are aware of the many tornadoes that have attacked the nation’s middle today—Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama—again, really. Sadly, twelve deaths have been confirmed, and of course a great deal of property damage has occurred. At least one town in Indiana has reportedly been utterly destroyed. It is beyond heartbreaking, and rather baffling considering the time of year—but now it seems the mild weather is having its revenge upon us. 😦

As someone with many loved ones in the endangered region, I’ve been on edge all day, and was downright anxious late this afternoon when everything began to hit. Looking at the radar (having made the huge mistake of turning on The Weather Channel) I saw a wall of red and maroon charging across much of the nation. Talk about frightening!

Happily, I’ve checked in with all my loved ones and everyone is okay, praise God. But many others are not untouched by this outbreak. Please keep everyone in prayer.

Unfortunately, the storms are not over. Reports warn that tonight will be equally dangerous, and that we may see similar dangerous systems tomorrow. Please continue to pray for all the people in the path of these very dangerous storms, and if you are in an area expecting them, please heed all warnings! Stay alert.

If you have a smartphone, make sure you have an app like the WeatherBug app (it’s free!)—I like it because it allows you to set it so it audibly alerts you to various weather events (mine is set to go off at the severe thunderstorm warning level, if I recall, though it lets me know about watches as well). Especially at night when we can’t see the sky and are usually asleep, having something like a weather app (on a fully-charged phone, yes?) or a NOAA weather radio could save your and your family’s lives. Being in the “better safe than sorry” camp, I also suggest keeping matches and candles in your safe spot, be it a closet, bathroom, or (ideally) your basement or crawlspace. I suppose if you have children, keeping a stuffed animal or two there during such a period wouldn’t hurt, either.

If you’re on Twitter, you may also want to follow @BreakingWeather and @SevereWarn, as both will keep you informed about dangerous storms today and every day.

Also, something one of the men on The Weather Channel said was smart—as you head to shelter, grab your shoes, because when you emerge, there may be glass and debris about. As a barefoot kinda gal (yeah, I know), I’d never thought of that, and to be honest, in the rush to get ourselves and the critters into a safe place, it wouldn’t have crossed my mind before—but it will now.

Stay alert and stay safe out there!


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