Muller Brothers Car Wash

Definitely go take a look at this great collection of photos from 1951 (the same year our former home was built, by the way). Classic cars to ogle, but the cute gals in swimsuits, from Miss American Auto Club to Miss Tire & Battery are fun to see, too. There’s even some dancing going on, and a mysterious man with a movie-villain mustache! I wonder if any of those ladies are still alive today?

Hope it’s okay that I snagged one photo from the Retronaut folks in an attempt to whet your appetite (though the one of all the cars in line is my favourite for sure).

Amusing: the fact that most of the staff look like they’re not too thrilled about the whole promotional shebang (looks like Muller was about to serve its 3,000,000th car in the car wash).


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