Helping the cats of the Oklahoma

Everyone likes a story about people doing good, kind things, don’t they? Especially these days—so much seems to be negative and/or controversial. I used to cover politics and current events, and it didn’t take long for me to start very actively seeking out good-news stories and passing them on. I’m happy to have the opportunity to do so again, and found a wonderful such item the other night while reading through favourite blogs—the story of a feral cat colony being cared for by volunteers, complete with squee-inducing photos of said felines.

Teresa of Brooklyn Backstretch has kindly given me permission to steal and share with you her video of some ferals being fed, but I’m really hoping it will convince you to go read her delightful post about the cats living at the Oklahoma racehorse training facility. Feral cats live there throughout the year, but when the horses leave, they become much more apparent—and during the winter, especially, need help. So Michele Jennings visits regularly, leaving food for the cats while keeping an eye on their health and doing her best to capture cats needing spaying or neutering and then bringing them back to the colony afterwards.

It’s a fascinating read full of wonderful photos featuring the ferals receiving all this needed care, sure to cast a Warm Fuzzies spell over you. I think knowing that there are people doing this sort of thing not only helps us see the good in an often-baffling world, but recognize that there may be similar opportunities for ourselves in our own towns—nothing, no act of kindness, is “small” or “unimportant”.

You can read more (and see those charming photos of the cats) at Brooklyn Backstretch, where you can also learn how to donate to the cause if you wish. But regardless, the post is truly delightful and heart-warming thanks to Teresa’s expressive writing and photos. I guarantee you’ll be smiling by the end!


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