Featured at The Creative Princess today!

I wanted to direct all of you to the terrific blog of Brandi, AKA The Creative Princess. She’s kindly made me her featured artist of the week, and written a wonderful post including a few of her favourite photos from my shop. Definitely go check it out! Besides…once she approves my comment, you might find a little goody there. 😉 Brandi’s favourite from the shop is this photo, which I took at Dedman’s (also the Kentucky Fudge Company) in tiny but charming downtown Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Yes, I can see your blood sugar spiking right now! 😉

(More photos from this fine American small business and 1885 soda fountain can be seen here, on my Flickr stream. They served Detroit’s own Ashby Sterling ice cream!)

I’m a little bummed we’ve only just met (and discovered like sofa-cushion treasure-hunting tendencies) on Twitter, because she lives in one of Route 66’s many terrific towns in Oklahoma! Darn—she could have showed me the ropes last spring! But though I likely won’t make it to Route 66 this year (especially if gas hits $5/gallon—ugh! That’s really, really bad if you are a photographer trying to capture America, let me tell you), we’re hoping to do so in 2013. Perhaps then. 😉

Though I’ve only really just “met” Brandi (the internet is so odd…), her blog thrilled me to pieces. You’ll find tasty recipes and especially all sorts of thrifty, money-saving ideas—and she also talks about great ways to help others now and then. Very nice. Now, look at these. Yum, right? Yes, definitely run over.

Thanks again, Brandi!


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