Big Sale at Sublime Stitching!

When I was a little girl, my mother bought me a small embroidery kit from Frank’s Nursery & Crafts (remember those? Long gone…) and taught me to do things like cross-stitch and satin-stitch. A new addiction was born, and I turned out dozens of cute little embroidered goodies for family and friends (some of those are still around in people’s homes too!). Somehow, though, I got away from embroidery, probably thanks to all the busy-ness school entailed.

Then, not long after getting married, I found myself in the car for hours on end as we travelled from West Vintage Apron Rescue IIIVirginia to one side of the family or the other, not a single trip less than five hours. Normally I’d read, but heading to Ohio especially, the roads are curvy and swoopy and likely to induce carsickness in the hardiest passenger (which I am). I simply HAD to find something else to do; being idle is not my cup of tea. Then, one propitious day, as I was wandering through the bookstore, I found Jenny Hart’s famed (and, sadly, now out of print) Stitch-It Kit. My problem was solved, and I’ve been happily stitching ever since! Though I do of course stitch at home, it’s amazing how much embroidery I get done in the car, going to and fro. Though we’re now closer to both families, it’s still a lot of buns-in-the-seat time, and I figure I might as well use it wisely. My embroidery bag is always packed up and ready to go at a moment’s notice!

Embroidery a simple (and inexpensive) hobby to begin with, and very soothing, too. There’s something zen about embroidery and sewing, though more so about embroidery, if you ask me (when sewing, I find fitting to be a real nightmare at times). Also, I’ve learned that I can rescue various items that might otherwise be thrown away or cut into rags because of stains or small tears; I can embroider right over or along with those flaws, as I did with the vintage coffee-stained apron above. Jenny’s “Krazy Kitchen” gal spilling her drink (an Arnold Palmer in this case) was perfect for saving it! (There’s a cute pink stand mixer on the other side of the apron.)

All this to tell you that Jenny’s company, Sublime Stitching, is having a HUGE sale on all iron-on transfer embroidery patterns—just $2.50 each! It’s a great deal, but the sale is only running through Friday, so hurry over and pick up a few patterns! Everything I’ve posted here was made from one of Jenny’s transfer’s; as you can see, there’s quite a variety of wonderfulness. All of the patterns include information on basic embroidery, and of course, there’s a wealth of information online. Now is a great time to try your hand…and needle! You can get patterns at your local craft store, sure, but Jenny’s are definitely something special, and if you ask me, she’s wholly responsible for the revival of embroidery’s popularity. Not a bad thing to be responsible for! Give that lady a cake!

(I love sharing deals and sales from great companies, so this sort of post may pop up now and then. That said, no one paid me to put this up. I just can’t get enough of Sublime Stitching patterns and wanted to share the love!)

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