A coop for your desk!

Via How About Orange, I learned about this adorable chicken coop 3-D desktop calendar for the month of February from Scout Creative. Being a big fan of chickens, I printed it out and whipped it up for my desk right away!


I’ve wanted backyard hens of my own for close to two years now. Unfortunately, our new town doesn’t allow them, though the big city of Columbus right next door does. I take that as a hopeful sign and plan to really push for the legalization of backyard chickens in my neighborhood—especially since there are horses grazing in a pasture only half a block away from the house! (Ben and I went to check them out this morning.)

If you’d like to learn more about chickens, you can check out my chickens board on Pinterest for links to articles about chicken care, getting the birds legalized in your area, and information about various breeds. But the best online chicken resource I can think of is the newly redesigned BackyardChickens.com, especially the forums. Check it out!

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